Bridging Essential Urban Lifestyle Gap


Revealing True Expression of Modern Urban Explorer Identity

Visval, a carry goods brand that successfully provides affordable yet aesthetic bags, has produced many products that solve stylish traveling needs. But after several years focusing on product development, it struck to them how they were missing one point: defining brand essence. They wanted to grow their positioning more as a lifestyle brand and to be relevant to the current and future waves.


Audience Understanding

Brand Identity

Brand Experience Implementation

Brand Guidelines

Voice & Message

Campaign & Activation


Islam Bilhaqy, Account Manager

Bayurengga, Creative Director

Guffy Perdana, Research & Analysis

Bambang Erlangga, Design Lead

Triyogi Adnanta, Motion Graphic

Yuda Dwidatama, Strategist

Tri Adi Pasha, Producer


Together, uncover the essence of modern carry goods.

Previously, Visval's exploration was driven by trends, so the product variety and communication strategy were missing the link in between. Several workshops were held to redefine what Visval is as a brand. We aligned past efforts with present circumstances to shape the future; to understand what it took in portraying vibrant and modern society.


We aimed to redesign the overall concept and communication that would pragmatically solve urban activities and emotionally share the excitement of urban interactions. Through the modular, dynamic, and interactive approach of visual identity design, we created the ever-changing square. 

Ever-changing square: modular, flexible, efficient.

Urban life is a constant effectivity and efficiency in motion. Freedom of expression within boundaries. Therefore, versatility and practicality became our principal in designing the visual system. This approach gave us consistency and unlocked the exploration to represent the dynamics of modern urban life.The ever-changing square was designed to be adaptive throughout any product or communication touchpoints. For Visval's audiences, it gives the most significant signature in terms of sense and visual.


A vibrant urban lifestyle reflected through honest and expressive photography.

We shifted communication direction and visual presentation from product-focus to lifestyle-focus. Enriching personification of the brand as a human, putting story within the product, and creating a story together with the same urban tribe.


"Dalam Perjalanan" campaign brought exciting exploration of the culture and its people in 3 cities.

Partnering with influencers who loved traveling and hustled in urban culture, we went on a trip together to 3 cities: Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Lombok. The main idea was to share the idea of exciting urban traveling. There, we explored its people, food, culture, and mesmerizing sceneries. The campaign was intended to inspire and entertain the audience through some interactive journeys on social media.

We explored Yogyakarta's creative culture, traditional places, and mouth-watering culinary. The campaign also shared Visval's lifestyle perspective beyond its products; emerged as a brand with personality.





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PT POT Dharma Kultiva
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+62 811 224 4191

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© 2020 POT BRANDING HOUSE. All Rights Reserved.

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