Empowering Voices for Brighter Generation


Articulating Narasi's Vision as a Culture Shaper Through Strategic Design

Narasi is a critical and modern media born from Najwa Shihab; a respected Indonesian journalist and national television veteran. After two times participating as a guest speaker in Narasi's event, we're invited to discuss how to manifest Narasi's vision in shaping a smarter and wiser generation. We sat down with the board directors and their brand-comm team to analyze what has been done and what will be done in the future. We rearticulated Narasi's identity, brand portfolio architecture, and visual communication into more systemic, clear arrangements.


Diagnosis & Insight

Identity & Positioning

Visual Identity Design

Visual & Verbal Communication System

Brand Architecture

Brand Bible



Bayurengga Mauludy, Creative Director

Gilang Agustiar, Analyst

Rika Fitriani, Researcher

Ihsan Farhan, Design Lead

Bambang Erlangga, Graphic Designer

Alby Padmakusumah, Account Executive

Seeds Motion, Animation

Kiwari Studio, Typography

Understanding media's impacts and roles in shaping culture.

After conducting in-depth interviews with every key person in Narasi, analyzing audience insights from past progress, and auditing most of their publishments, we found a silver lining that bound all their programs: shaping brighter Indonesian through edutainment and slow journalism. Therefore, we set to explore deeper on media's impact on cultural influence and how trends were transformed, by creating a map of the trend life cycle to pinpoint where Narasi should spark their influence the most and with what kind of voice.

Aligning identity and visual representation.

Our creative director, strategist, and design lead had several workshops with Narasi in order to validate the core representation of the brand through the process. We distributed values to brand colors, logo, visual system, and multimedia art direction. Along the way, we invited our partners, Seeds Motion to animate the brand expression, and Kiwari Studio to craft the typography.

The New Narasi: Bright, Resonance, Youth

Distinctive Yellow and Magenta were chosen as the main colors to represent the hope and determination of the youth. We created Tala, a symbol of resonance; a belief in equal understanding and empowerment through vibration. Designing a clear and coherent visual system to accommodate Narasi with their various programs and activation. 


A modular and dynamic exploration of graphic system, representing resonance.

As we explored Tala as a resonance symbol, we extended its meaning to Narasi's graphic elements. We transformed the vibrations into various, eloquent forms in graphic elements. On its development, Tala was used as a container to accommodate photographic contents.


Narasi Sans; a customized typography.

Narasi Sans is a modern reconstruction from the previous brandmark. The typography itself reflects the constructive optimism, with a small tail in several lowercase characters.

Narasi Brand Volume & Content Modulation System

Since Narasi has various programs ranging from edutainment to newsroom, they needed to show their own branding according to each program's aims. To answer this, we created a brand volume system to adapt to the context of communication. Higher brand volume means Narasi's voice first and lower one means content first.

Thumbnailing system & categories.

Accommodating various program formats, we designed a thumbnail system to give a hint to help the audience navigate what kind of program or format.


Brand Portfolios & Architecture

With so many programs to explore, we decided to discuss Narasi's own portfolios and their future development. The output was to set up brand architecture functioned as a development guideline for each portfolio, which in the end would also influence the visual system, naming, and voice. This makes it easier for the audience to distinguish one program from another. In the future, upcoming programs will also have an easier time navigating their positioning and corridor of development within the brand architecture. 





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© 2020 POT BRANDING HOUSE. All Rights Reserved.

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