We’re the child of the 90's, wildflowers, mutants, and vivid souls living on the Earth.


Bayu Rengga

Creative Director & Strategist

Always sailing through spaces and shifting frequencies, Bayu knows how to pilot the people inside POT. Aside from being POT’s Creative Director, he is also a playlist crafter who senses and matches the mood between music and moment.


Alby Padmakusumah

Business Director

Everyone’s dad in POT who is calm and collected. With big hugs and words of wisdom that calm and motivate, he also makes sure that everyone is treated equally.


Wicky Syailendra

Creative Director

This katsu-loving designer has a sophisticated taste that will hypnotize you. His childish disposition and confidence always bring smiles to everyone around. Nihao is his current favorite phrase, say “Niiii-haoooo!”


Aulia Akbar

Lead Researcher

He likes to munch anything that pleasures his palate and tummy. You can find him glued to his comfy chair, drown in his work, or play mobile games. A friendly face with unquestioned depth, he swims deep into his interests. If you need him, you can call him with food.


Asrul Adam

Senior Graphic Designer

Not loud but not quiet either. He can be intimidating with his tone of voice but he means no harm. An agile and spirited designer with an indie taste, he likes to explore zines and even write a book.


Kholis Dzikrillah

Senior Graphic Designer

Quiet and dependable, he is a durable designer and always gives the best support to his fellow designers. Despite not really making a sound, he is actually very observant and a bit competitive when it comes to video game night.


Sasha Yuliana

Junior Graphic Designer

An expressive artist who challenges herself in the world of design. She has a weird taste for cute things and music— ranging from K-Pop to Punk Metal. If you show her any memes or funny videos, chances are she have already seen it.


Bramantyo Yudha

Junior Graphic Designer

The deep-voiced guy is often lost in deep thoughts. He enjoys small things that people always take for granted, by capturing them in a photo or writing it down on his little notes. He has a very classic taste in music, movie, motorcycle and even design. He may have been born in the wrong generation.


Alka Maula Hariyanto

Design Writer

The center of attention who looks apathetic but is actually very caring & considerate. He plays around with words through his writings or casual jokes. And if you had the chance to visit our office, you might find him sitting in the weirdest way possible while singing a Japanese song.


Keishya Rachmadani

Junior Strategist

She has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and is always eager to learn new things. The number one fan of Harry Styles always give her best to assemble every pieces of information into a sharp strategy. She is a sociable figure who turns anti-social whenever the deadline draws near.


Rika Fitriani


She was a field activist, frisky, and full of thoughts. Her enthusiastic appreciation for others combined with her sharp observation makes her a very effective researcher in our environment. She is a curious person but a bit awkward, and that makes her lovely.


Fakhri Adhitama

Junior Researcher

Researcher by day, a inline-skater by night.
His caffeine-fueled mind is a beautiful mess.
Though it is filled with various information and data flying around, you can always depend on him— because he has an eye for insight.


Islam Bilhaqy

Account Manager

Chill and progressive, two distinct characteristics to describe our Account Manager. His groovy approach makes people comfortable working with him.


Andra Arvianty


A strong person that is full of pink bubbles in her personality, this woman is equipped with a super focus that makes efficient money management possible. She multitasks and gets things done with a smile like it’s no big deal. Super.


Yuda Dwidatama

Account Manager

Despite how serious he looks when planning and strategizing, he’s actually a comical character who always makes sitcom scenarios and puts people in them. Of course, we gladly follow through for a good laugh.


Jasmine Ramadhani


A barista in disguise who charms everyone with her tasteful beverage recipes. She handles cash the same way as coffee, with care and precision. She never fails to put a smile on everyone's faces every month— when payday rolls around.




PT POT Dharma Kultiva
Jl Pesantren № 39, Bandung—Indonesia
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+62 811 224 4191




PT POT Dharma Kultiva
Jl Pesantren № 39, Bandung—Indonesia
Get Direction Here
+62 811 224 4191

© 2020 POT BRANDING HOUSE. All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 POT BRANDING HOUSE. All Rights Reserved.

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