Reimagining Bio-Fabrication Together with Mycelium


Reshaping Mycelium Technology Company Into a Sustainable Ingredient Brand

In 2014, Mycotech started this idea from scratch at a lab-scale: experimenting with mycelium (inspired from tempe, Indonesian traditional food made from soybeans) as a material using rapid prototyping and lean method as their approach. They also developed the material by collaborating with other brands by infusing mycelium into various products. Finally, in 2019, they got an opportunity to grow and enter a new, wider arena. To anticipate this, they needed to improve the branding and positioning in the industry. We helped Mycotech to change their positioning into a lab with a new name MYCL and created its brand architecture in which they're able to develop the mycelium as the core material.


Diagnosis & Insights

Brand Architecture

Visual Identity Design & System

Website Design



Bilhaqy Islam, Account Manager

Bayurengga Mauludy, Creative Director

Gilang Agustiar, Analyst

Aulia Akbar, Design Lead

Bahy Rosel, Graphic Designer

Izhar Fathurohim, UI/UX

FORM Fotos, Photography

Dani Effendy, Photography

Comprehensive understanding on mycelium as the essence and character to build MYCL.

As we dig deeper into the ground and understand the characteristic of mycelium, we found the underlying essence of Mycotech. At the core, mycelium is the network of the Earth and the most collaborative entity. So does MYCL. We also learned from Neri Oxman's Kerbs Cycle of Creativity, MYCL stands between science and design. Together, we decided that MYCL would be a laboratory where mycelium innovates into another form that could be used as a new design that tackled the ecology and sustainability problems.

A Shift of Positioning into an Ingredient Brand

MYCL, as a laboratory, aims to give birth to new forms of mycelium as an ingredient. The business itself will be handled by another unit that focuses on selling and collaboration, such as It is expanded through its business units that focus on selling and collaboration. As a laboratory, finally, MYCL can focus on developing, partnering, and co-creating mycelium continuously. All of these explorations can be seamlessly implement with MYCL's new brand architecture.


Inspired by mother nature's pulsating beat of life that rhythmically gives birth to possibilities, we designed a new visual identity called "The Life Pulse". It represents circularity, hexagon as the most efficient shape structure in nature, and form a tessellation.

A visual system born from the holistic characteristic of myceliym aligned with MYCL as sustainable lab.

After going through the understanding, strategical, and positioning process, we immersed ourselves in the visual research on how mycelium formed. We took a deep closer to mycelium's characteristic itself as we began to develop a series of prototyping that could accommodate MYCL communication in the future.


The Life Pulse as a visual identity becomes a core exploration for MYCL's brand architecture.

After finishing the brand architecture that we have clarified and perfected, Mylea, one of the products developed by MYCL, could have a better position. Before, people were often confused whether Mylea was the product or the company itself. So, the brand architecture helped MYCL to explain their positioning as a laboratory and could develop their future product in a different name. In this case, together with TujuSemesta, Mylea's branding is more comprehensive, harmonious, and effective.


The visual identity is implemented on MYCL's lab coat which worn inside the foundry (the lab where they develop mycelium). The t-shirt and tote bag are also provided for the needs of exhibition activities.





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PT POT Dharma Kultiva
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