Comfortable Local Fusion Delicacies in a Bowl


Local Delicacies for Global Appetite

Mangkokku is created by four influential people in Indonesia, they are Chef Arnold Poernomo (Judge of Masterchef Indonesia), Gibran Rakabuming, Kaesang Pangarep, and Randy Julius Kartadinata. Acting as the founder’s representative, Mangkokku is lifting local delicacies as a potential value that can be shared and amplified to various regions, even as far as going international. The challenge in the rebranding process lies in carrying cultural values as a form that can be manifested into local brand and proudly presented to global arena. Articulating pleasurable palate while still maintaining cultural spirit.


Brand Diagnosis & Insights

Identity Concept

Visual Identity Design & System

Brand Voice & Copywriting

Packaging Design

Mural & Artwork


Alby Padmakusumah, Account Executive

Bilhaqy Islam, Account Manager

Bayu Rengga Mauludy, Creative Director

Rika Fitriani, Researcher

Wicky Syailendra, Design Lead

Bambang Erlangga, Illustrator

Triyogi Adnanta, Motiongrapher

Risabella Miranda, Copywriter

Dani Effendi, Photographer


Uncovering Cultural Asset as a Representation Over Personal Imageries

Showing the image and the impression of its founders to the audience creates a perception bias between the product and the brand. Phenomenal, but challenging. This rebranding project challenges us to shift the brand’s image from the founder’s persona, to the founder’s spirit that’s all about bringing Indonesia’s delightful cuisine to various regions. So we dig a deeper research about cultural assets, symbols, and narrations which relate to the values that Mangkokku brings.

Mangkokku: Narrative of Indonesian Folk and Landscape

Indonesia is rich with folklore stories that unite everyone to gather and share memories of the past, and we see this as a chance to enrich the food with a narration about where all these pleasurable palate started, a fiction with folklore-ish approach. This is an important element to expand the treasures of local pleasure that can be tasted and remembered. The journey of “Mang Kokku”, the spice and authentic flavors explorer on his every endeavors. 


Indonesia is also rich in cultural authenticity while also adapting to the modern lifestyle throughout the years. It doesn’t really change much. While some landscape might have disappeared into a denser space, the tradition of doing things endure the test of time, adapted into the latest reality. Latest reality as in a river full of trash, political campaign, and drones hovering above a village.

Mangkokku use a modular layout system that can be adapted into various style as a respond to Mangkokku’s vision to open international branches.


To verbally enrich the taste of locality, we explore Mangkokku’s brand voice through literary literacy with “pantun” approach to bring the language closer and relatable to the local audience which can also bring this local flavor globally (glocalisation). Pantun; an Indonesian literary form that usually contains four lines that continues to be used and even developed to this day. It comes from the Minangkabau language ‘Patuntun’, a message with continuous word play.





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PT POT Dharma Kultiva
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© 2020 POT BRANDING HOUSE. All Rights Reserved.

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