Human-beings are intriguing creatures. We have our own nature. We are influenced by our nurture and surroundings. Each of us is unique in some way or another; from body language to the way we think. From physical appearance such as hands to the part which is not visible to the eye like DNA. Even though we can find similarities, there are always things that distinguish us from others. 

When it comes to helping owners to build their brand, we treat the brands as humans. They, like humans, have a life purpose and a story to tell. We would like to call it being ‘soulful’ cliché as it is, but yes, soulful. During our first years delving into a brand consultancy company, we thought this soul had to be embedded in the brand’s each aspect—some kind of heavenly guidance. But then we were slapped by a reality: some clients did not require those overly philosophical thoughts. Many of them might be philosophical, but did their brand need it? 

Does the brand need to be us, human-beings who are walking on Earth carrying our very own soul? 

Before this writing turns into a philosophical crisis, let’s just say...we finally admitted our mistakes. 

Not every brand needs to be that soulful because even humans do not get measured by their soul only. Besides, who are we to judge the quality of one’s soul? We came to the realization how being soulful is not a state. It is a dynamic journey of the brand and everyone involved.

The soul becomes a conceptual foundation that will guide brands and create their authentic characters. 

In methodological order, we help brand owners to find a common ground between themselves and the industry (in general, the world out there). Therefore, our role is also to help brands turn their spirit and enthusiasm into feasible outputs which will be accepted by and grow with the industry. Then, we interpret their spirit into brand values, communication, and design based on facts and our findings. 

Being a brand consultancy company teaches us how to balance our idealism and the market’s reality. At the same time, it strengthens and clarifies our dream. We want to help brands that leave the footprint of the times. The brands which will be remembered for their step in changing the audience's behavior or making new trends.

So far, finding our fundamental thinking in branding has been such a ride. Nothing is perfect. Iteration and relearning are parts of the process. However, there is one thing we can conclude. Every little detail we have been through to become a brand consultancy company teaches us about our own nature.

That we are dynamic creatures who grow with our surroundings. 

Our collective thoughts would not come to this point if we had not let ourselves grow from time to time. But how far will we grow? How far are we going to open our minds? How long until we are stuck and need to see from another perspective? 

The answer, of course, we don’t know. The future is always unpredictable since the world evolves in very unexpected, captivating ways. 

And we enthusiastically welcome brand owners to answer those questions above. Who are willing to shape the possible future together, while growing in and for our surroundings.