Looking back, we have had several attempts to start this Journal section on our website. However, it always came to a halt as we hit another wall (a.k.a. excuse), until we got a strong drive to start once again. The drive was formed in a realization: we wanted to share our accumulated knowledge and experiences with people who happened to land on our website, or those whose intention is to try to find another perspective.

Why knowledge & experience?

We noticed how knowledge and experience are essential parts in the process of growing our branding consultancy company. In these seven years, we have worked on many projects, and each project allowed us to unveil more knowledge during its process. From experience, we have learned how important trial and error is. And, yes, sometimes we had to do it in a hard way. Sometimes we got stuck, confused. But those were what made us humans. 

To make mistakes. To feel frustrated. To laugh at our own self-deprecating jokes. 

To consciously aware the fact that from the pile of our own frustration, we would find there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This very light is our anchor, created from our own accumulated knowledge and experience. An essence which surrounds us like the air. Intangible, invisible yet exist. 

Why writing?

There are so many ways to share knowledge and experience, but writing fits perfectly with our intention. Writing allows us to have a moment of thought that will bring our mind to trace back all the things in the past.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Anaïs Nin

Unconsciously, in the writing process, we have time to self-reflect on life. Gradually, through self-reflection, we deepen our understanding, grow with our surroundings and finally enrich our soul. Like a magnifying glass, writing shows us details we might miss if we see only through the bigger picture as well as open the opportunity to delve deeper into ideas or concepts. 

We hope our Journal is more than a space to share our train of thoughts, insights, or opinion.

It is a solid bridge which accommodates communication between generations and other people with multidisciplinary backgrounds. 

It is a boundless space where people encourage and support each other through the highest achievement of human civilization: writing.

We'll see you next time and until then may we all live and grow harmoniously with our surroundings.