When it comes to day-to-day business, we mostly value efficiency and effectiveness. We want to jump from one project to another in swift. To finish all deadlines. From creating a brand strategy to starting the first draft of logo design, we have every step planted inside our brain.

But behind those tightly-scheduled creative processes and technical stuff, lie another foundation that is easy to miss:


When we are busy with our work, there are times when we forget how some things need to be communicated. Moreover, as creative workers, we tend to have our own idealism regarding our projects. We are so into 'zone' that we forget how every project we handle is not only our own.

That's why communicating with each other is a way to prevent any misunderstanding among team members as well as with external parties.

Communication has also become a crucial part of every project. It connects us with other parties involved. Clients, vendors, collaborators and business partners. Each has a unique pattern of communication. As a team, they have certain goals that need to be aligned with us. As individuals, they have their own perspective -- in personal and professional ways.

Some of our clients and business partners have become our good friends -- even part of our circle. Within them, we find great companies who often give us more insights. We also noticed how important it is to have mutual ground. A connection that will help us fit every piece of the puzzle together.

Our own experiences so far have taught us how all humans (regardless of their social and economic status) need to have a connection however small it is. Whether in the form of quick greetings or deep conversation, the urge to communicate is always there.

Therefore, even a little connection thread constantly reminds us how far we have been walking this path. To be able to meet various people from different backgrounds. To be able to appreciate every small encounter. To be able to say 'thank you' to whoever gives us another piece of the puzzle that will complete our journey.