Ramadan is one of the most anticipated moments for most of Indonesia's population. Apart from the Eid celebration which is usually accompanied by the habit of mudik (going back to one’s hometown)--unfortunately we also cannot do it right now due to the pandemic, there is an even more interesting addition about this special month.

Every time you watch YouTube or scroll down on Instagram and various other social media platforms, ads always appear related to Ramadan and Eid.

At this moment, we actually remember how Ramadan has become a part of Indonesian culture that is deeply rooted in every aspect of our lifestyle. Let's remember... When we were little and watched television (90s generation here!) as the month of Ramadan approached, advertisements with the fasting month theme began to appear.

One of the most memorable ones is probably the advertisement for a syrup brand, where each scene in the ad depicts a family ready to break their fast. Or a bottled tea commercial that shows people breaking their fast in a restaurant drinking the bottled tea (oh, how we miss going out freely!). Then, without us knowing it, we grew up with these brands and their association to the said commercials during Ramadan.

We observe that there are three types of what brands do during the Ramadan month. First, brands which “only” use Ramadan as their theme for promotion, ads, or any other content. Second, brands that contextually follow the Ramadan theme but do not inject their own brand values. Lastly, the third one: brands that are successfully riding the theme while at the same time bringing an additional value for their audience/customers. 

What's interesting here is that these brands (the third type) have succeeded in bringing their values even further, which is to become part of our memory. The brands have become more than just a function or a status symbol. They have managed to get a position that can be said to be associated with feelings of nostalgia and longing. 

In the end, we also realized that when building a brand, we have to think about how the value offered will be embedded in the minds of its users/customers. After the brand as a product or service has provided its maximum function, what will remain there?

They will be a part of our memory, filling each space with their pieces. They might be scatted or a small ripple. 

But, definitely, they will become a trail that always fills in the memory of us all.