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Truno Grooming Room derived from Taruna (from sanskrit) means "Young Man", a matured man. Truno is an exuberant Italian themed barbershop in Bandung. Their experience blend between modern and classical touch.



We explore which culture brings the most experience in barbering, and help create the Brand Identity, Experiences, Brand Naming, Service Experience, Space Design, and Production.



Extracting the elements of graphic, interior and senses experience from Italian Classic, we took the essential parts which can be the representation of it.



"Every Strand Is A Family Tradition", it's the message representing their inner culture and service promise for gentlemen's in need of a more family bond, well-mannered and classic grooming experience.

Discover Phase

In a quest for authentic gentlemen's grooming parlor


TRUNO Grooming Room is an establishment that consists of Barbering and Grooming Services, located in Trunojoyo Ave. No.15 Bandung. They had a strategic position within main city’s reach and protocol roads which indulge the youth and adult to enriching their lifestyle with shopping arcade surrounding.
TRUNO phrase itself is taken from “TARUNA” which has a meaning of “Young Man” and also assimilated with the road’s name, Trunojoyo. And Grooming Room refers to the complete service not only haircut but also massages and as well as a hair treatment. They wanted to keep in touch with their customer’s memory, especially grown-up man. TRUNO philosophy is all about comfort, masculinity and majestic. TRUNO have a heavy influence on the design in Classic Italian. And treat every hair strand is the family tradition.


"There are a lot of barbershop with their own master barber out there, but ok, you can cut hair, but can you talk to people? Can you talk to the man who sits in your chair? Can you genuinely find the common ground there?"

The Art of Manliness

Craft Phase

Classic Lux Italian

To embodies European culture and feels, to resemblance classical touch and elegant sense in every curves and decision.The main reference is the wine labels as they are most common beverages in Italy, also has the same characteristic for Grooming Room concept. Mature, Classy, and Chevalier, and Exuberant.


Deliver Phase

Every Strand Is A Family Tradition

We help Truno convey its message to gentlemen's of Bandung through experience enhancement, offline activation of the grand opening and digital setup. Since barbershop business has grown since the last 2 years, we help strategize how to reach a segmented market of gentlemen who want to have more services, conversational engagement with a barber, and clean luxurious environment rather than the youngster in general.


"A manly and well-designed place with Italian culture sphere where those men could have a good conversation, lean back, relax, and have a glass of coffee while grooming themselves and get pride afterward."